Just wanted to take a minute to thank the sponsors that have pledged their support to the Amateur Challenge this week. Can’t say it enough, sponsors are what make enable this event to give the players such a great value for their money and help us to provide everything in the Players Packs as well as amenities at Tourney Central & out on the course.

  • Crafty Scientist – Dayna and Steve at “Team Crafty” have been a sponsor of nearly every (perhaps every?) ACT that has been held. Huge thanks to both of them for everything they’ve done for us in the past and moving forward! Crafty is not only donating yet another new line of soap samples to the Players Packs but we may have more surprises in store as well – plus look for Steve helping out on the course both days of the event.
  • Tim “Red Beard” Griskus – What can you say? All-around great guy and a class act. Thank you Tim for your contribution to the event! Everyone should make sure to say thanks the next time they see him out on the course.
  • Buried Under Comics – Brian “BUC” Kozicki is another long supporter of the ACT and, as most people in the area know, a huge supporter of disc golf in the region at large. Very rarely will you see an event with BUC in attendance – either a tournament, a local league, or perhaps the occasional round of “Glo” golf – that there isn’t a prize ready to be given away to a player on that day. Thanks as always to Buried Under!

These sponsors will be added to our sponsors’ page soon once we’ve arranged their graphics & linkage.

Interested in becoming a sponsor? Sponsorships can be made in the form of cash, in-kind donations, or cash 🙂 All sponsors will receive thanks on this website, along with display on our sponsors’ page with a requested graphic and link to your website (if applicable), as well as announced during both the Players Meeting & Awards Ceremony on both days of this year’s event. Find out more about what you can do to sponsor or contact us to discuss your contribution to the event. And thanks in advance!