Registration for ACT VI opens tomorrow! Who’s excited? Remember that if you want to save yourself some time when reg opens, you can go create your free account on Disc Golf United. Noon tomorrow, Eastern Standard Time – be ready!

Also wanted to provide some additional information regarding the waiting lists… each day will have its own waiting list, in the spirit of these events being separate. An online form will be provided here tomorrow (Monday) for processing waiting list requests – this will be the only method accepted of requesting a spot on the waiting list. ┬áIf you have successfully signed up for either day, currently we will NOT accept you on the waiting list for the other day since we would still like to offer as many people as possible the chance to either enter into one of the days or get themselves early on the waiting list for one day or the other. If both days are full, you will be allowed to request being added to the waiting list for both days to try and get into either day.

That said, the waiting lists for both events will be opened to ALL players (regardless of whether you’ve signed up for the other day already) on Friday, May 20th as of 12:01 AM EST. If one day still has spots available then, people may register for that day even if they’re already playing on the other day – otherwise you may be added to the waiting list at that time.

The delay in allowing everyone to add themselves to the waiting list is so that Saturday players do not necessarily get on Sunday’s waiting list (or vice-versa) ahead of people who may be otherwise shut out of both days. This grace period offers a fair chance for everyone who wants to play at the ACT to either sign up or get on the waiting list for their chosen day.

Make sense? Hope so. We know this isn’t a “conventional” way to run registration for those who are familiar with multi-day events, but with luck this will work out fine since we didn’t want to “split up” the divisions by mandating that some divisions could only play 1 day and the rest of the divisions would play the other. Email us or drop a message in the forums if you have any other questions, and hope to see you in a few short weeks at the ACT!