As we are about to approach the event this weekend, we wanted to remind you that the ACT does follow the PDGA Rulebook and that we expect our players to adhere to the rules as best as possible. We’re also aware that many of our players don’t know the rules, so many of you will be learning as you go and we understand that. Please take a few minutes to look over the rules online so you at least have a cursory knowledge of what some things are to look out for when you’re on the course. Especially important are sections 801 (Conduct of Players) and 803 (Rules of Play). The player’s meeting before Round 1 will be a good opportunity to hear more about some rules clarifications and some brief rules questions you may have.

Listed below are some highlights from the rules, and these will also be reinforced in the programs available at the check-in table at the event. These are some of the “biggies” so read them over and comment here if you have any questions. See everyone in a day (or two) on the course!

  • The furthest away player always throws next.
  • Please be courteous, no talking when someone is about to throw.
  • You may stand directly behind your lie to take your next shot, or mark your lie with a mini-marker disc and stand directly behind the marker.
  • Out-of-Bounds (OB) penalties incur a 1-stroke penalty; you take your next shot from where your disc went out of bounds and are granted up to 1 meter of “relief” from the OB line. Ex: If you drive OB on the left side of Hole 2 on your first shot, have the group agree upon where you believe the disc crossed the line into the OB area (if you go OB but then come “fair” again before ultimately ending up OB again, you mark where you were LAST in bounds). Place your mini up to 1M from the OB line and you will now be taking your “third” shot. ** The only exception to the OB rule is Hole 1. All OB drives from the long tee will take their next (“third”) shot from the short tee rather than from where the disc went OB. OB drives from the short tee follow normal OB rules.
  • The order players drive on each hole is determined by “Honors.” The player who completed the previous hole in the fewest number of throws will go first, then whomever shot next fewest, etc. In case of ties, look back as many holes as needed to determine which player had “Honors.”
  • The disc must come to rest in the basket or chains (not on top of the basket!) for a hole to be considered “complete.” Even if you’re right next to the basket, please hole out properly rather than “splash the chains” with the disc in hand.
  • ** No Littering! ** This includes candy wrappers, bottles, cans, and especially cigarette butts. Please follow a “pack in, pack out” mentality when playing at Wickham and dispose of any trash in proper receptacles. Trash cans can be found by Tournament Central, Hole 6, the nature center between Holes 11 & 12, and the bathrooms behind Hole 14’s tee.