Quick note – Marco Polo’s will be on site on both mornings of this weekend to take food orders for those who wish to buy lunch. Orders will be taken before Round 1 and delivered to the course before the round is complete, ensuring you don’t have to worry about a brown-bag lunch in your car or trying to race out of the park and back during lunch break before round 2 begins. Take advantage and make an order! Tournament days give you enough to think about without having to worry about your lunch as well.

Long overdue is an official update on our event sponsors. Every year we say it and every year it’s true, but this event would not be anything close to what it is if we didn’t have such wonderful support from so many individuals and businesses. So now, without further ado…

  • Mike Saimond – cash sponsor
  • Derek “Fats” Sonderfan – CD’s donated to the player’s packs
  • Brew & Wine Hobby – giftcert prize donations
  • Margarita’s of East Hartford – gifrtcert prize donations
  • EMS of Manchester – Kayak rental giftcert prize donations
  • Willimantic Brewing Company – giftcert prize donations
  • Hooters of Manchester – giftcert prize donation
  • Hartford Distributors – beverage donation
  • Vibram Disc Golf – ctp-per-group donation (proto granite putters)

A massive, very heartfelt “Thank You!” goes out to each and every one of them since they are the reason we have so many great prizes to give away to our players every year. For links to most of these sponsors, and to see the full list of sponsors for this year’s event, please visit the main sponsor page.