OK people – 90 minutes until registration opens. Are you ready?


Remember: YOU MAY SIGN UP FOR SATURDAY *OR* SUNDAY, NOT BOTH! Thanks for your cooperation. We want 180 people to be able to attend this event so there are NO double-entries allowed.

All entry fees have a $2 online processing fee built into the price on the DGU website. Your $15 Men’s Advanced/Intermediate/Amateur entries are $17 at checkout, and Women’s $10 divisions are $12. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

You can feel free to sign up for the Ace Pot at registration, but we’ll take your money day-of as well if you don’t want to sign up now. $2 gets you in the pool, and if you hit an ace at the event you win all the money in the pool! (Saturday/Sunday pools will be kept separate from each other). Multiple aces on a single day will split that day’s ace pot winnings.

You can also pre-order one of our Fundraising discs for only $20 during registration. We will likely have more for sale at the event (still $20), but these ARE first-come, first-served and when they’re gone they’re gone. Get one (or more!) while you can to throw or to hang on the wall, and help support this event at the same time.