Watching the registration process is truly a humbling experience every year. We open the doors and people come SWARMING in, trying to make sure they reserve a spot on the day of their choosing before they’re all gone. A very big and genuine THANK YOU goes out to everyone who participates in this event and makes it what it is every year.

After registration began at 7pm, we had over 80 spots sold within 20 minutes of opening.¬†We filled Saturday’s spots within 5 hours of opening registration, with the 90th player for that day signing up just shy of midnight: Sunday was roughly half full at the same time. Now, 27 hours after registration, there are only twenty two spots remaining for Sunday’s event.

If you or a friend were going to sign up, now would be a great time to do so!

Remember that if you did NOT get in this year, you can always fill out the online form to add yourself to the Waiting List. If anyone has to withdraw before the event, or does not show the day-of, we will begin filling in those spots beginning with the start of the waiting list.

Thanks again everyone, and see you all in a month at the ACT!