So what is the Amateur Challenge? The ACT is a tournament born of the idea that Amateur disc golfers should be catered to – after all, there are far more of them then there are Pro level golfers out there! While most tournaments in the region allow, accept, and encourage Amateurs to participate, many of the attention at most events is focused on the Pros. But hey, they are the guys throwing the best out there!

What I wanted to create in New England was an event that spoke exclusively to the Amateur players of the sport. Before the ACT came into existence, there was only one other Amateur event in the area – the Newcomer’s Ball held annually in Leicester, MA – but that event is a doubles tournament and allows Pros to compete in pro/am pairings. The ACT tries to introduce Amateur players to the experience of playing singles in a competitive, yet still relaxed and fun, environment.


Anyone who isn’t a Pro player is welcome to play at the ACT. For PDGA members, all this event cares about is your standing with the PDGA. If they consider you a pro, so does the ACT. If you aren’t a PDGA member or don’t know what the ratings system is, don’t worry about it! Chances are you are more than welcome to come play at this event. The Amateur Challenge’s goals are twofold – first and foremost, to be a welcome first tournament to any player who typically only plays casual rounds and may never have played a tournament in their life, and also to be a showcase for the tournament-seasoned Amateurs of the region.