Rules of Play

While the Amateur Challenge is an “unsanctioned” event (meaning the tournament has no affiliations with NEFA or the PDGA), we will be using the PDGA’s rulebook during our event. Of course we understand that many of our participants may not be familiar with the official rules of play, so many occurances of what would otherwise count as an infraction (picking up your disc to throw without marking your lie, not uniquely marking the discs used in play, etc) will serve more as learning experiences for newer players than actually being issued Warnings or Penalty strokes, we will of course be enforcing such rules as Courtesy Violations.

Knowing the rules of the game can make the round more fun for everyone involved, and if you don’t know all of the current rules now is a good time to learn! How to handle what happens if your disc gets stuck in a tree, what to do when a disc goes Out of Bounds… it’s all in here. If you would like to read up on the rules of play before the event, the PDGA has them availbale online at this link.

Also, since I know many of the tournament-seasoned players will ask me… we will not be enforcing the 2-meter rule during the Amateur Challenge! (Don’t know what that means? Go read the rules and find out!)