The Staff

Tournament Director – Dave McHale

The Tournament Director, or “TD”, of the ACT is Dave “Cromwell” McHale (and is also the one writing these words). I have been playing disc golf since the summer of 1992, but only got involved in tournament play about 2002 after moving back to CT and discovering that I was “only” an hour away from the nearest course. I have been extremely fortunate with the Amateur Challenge since its inception; explaining to people that I wanted to create an event that was tailored to newer players and non-pros, and specifically to draw as many people to the event who may have never played a tournament before in their life. The event would ideally provide a relaxed, cheap, and rewarding environment for all participants. With the help of numerous sponsors and volunteers we continue to have new ideas every year, keep on giving out players packs to every participant that far outweighs their entry fee, and try to put the emphasis on the players’ experience and ensuring everyone just has a good time while they’re out at the event. Everything that happens at the event ultimately falls back on my shoulders, so I try my best to ensure that each year is as successful as possible and will continue to do so as long as the ACT continues to run.

Co-TD – Jennifer McHale

The definition of “the woman behind the man,” Jennifer is Dave’s wife and the one who year to year helps keep the event stay on an even keel. She has been playing disc golf since Dave introduced her to the sport, although she can be found on the course far less nowadays since pursuing her marathon (running) training more regularly. With a background in PR and Event Planning, Jen is a sounding board, a voice of reason, help with managing the tournament budget, and a good-smack-upside-the-head-when-he-needs-it for Dave during the planning and execution of the event’s details each year, as well as a day-of support staff to help with check-in, scoring, and anything else which needs to be done. If and when you see her out there, make sure you say “Thanks!” for all that she does to ensure the ACT runs as smooth as possible.

Uber Volunteer – Dave Stephens

Dave began playing disc golf in 1996, and has been staff at every running of the ACT since its inception. Dave also acts as a sounding board for Dave-the-TD, has helped with (as well as hosts) the website for the tournament, pitches in on anything that needs to be done leading up to event day or before the gates open that morning. He also manages scoring and photography throughout the day of the event.

Everyone Else

Now I’m going to get all sentimental on you. There are many people who have contributed in some way shape or form to the ACT over the years… from spotting blind holes on the day of the event, to donating goods, services or money, to helping me get my TD legs under me when I just started to run the ACT, to bringing up ideas for “next year’s event”, to helping run the CTP contest, to so many countless other things big and small that make the ACT such a special event. I want to offer a sincere “Thank you!” to everyone who has ever been part of our event in the past and an advance “Thank you!” to everyone who will be a part of the ACT in 2010 and in years to come. Make sure you do the same when you see them helping out at the event, too!