Players Corner

Easily the most-asked question for the ACT nowadays is “what’s up with the 2 day format?”


We are hosting an event on Saturday on Sunday.

Due to overwhelming demand in years past, we tried something new in 2010 with the ACT VI. The goal was to have 180 unique players on the course over both days, exposing as many people as possible to disc golf, Wickham Park, and tournament play. This means something very important to a lot of people who may otherwise be looking forward to a weekend of disc golf – if you sign up for Saturday or Sunday, you may not sign up to play on the other day. We are extremely serious about this fact.

The experiment went off with flying colors. After crashing our vendor’s registration server by collecting over 90 registrations in the first 30 minutes, we still successfully sold out both days within 4 hours of opening registration. If you want to play on either day, it is critical you sign up early! There’s nothing we can do for people who don’t sign up while we still have space. If logistics would allow, we would be more than happy to let as many people who wanted come play the event. However, we have always and will always limit the field for this event to 90 players: allowing for 5-somes on all 18 holes of the standard layout at Wickham Park.

Currently there is no plan to allow players from one day to add themselves to the waiting list for the other day on the weekend. Due to the level of interest for this event, we want to keep things as open as possible for other players to participate.

There will also be no transferrals of registrations between days, even if two players agree to “switch spots”. If you sign up for one day and are unable to play, your slot will be given to someone on the waiting list and you will have the option of donating your paid entry to the event funds (which is always appreciated!) or a refund of your entry fee can be arranged. Any drop-outs or no-shows for the event who do not request a refund within 24 hours after the event began will have their entry fee considered a donation to the event coffers to help offset costs, and no refund will be given after that time.