Other Goodies

We will have tons of stuff to give away during the event, not including the prizes that players will be playing for at the end of the day as well as the Players Packs each competitor will receive.


During the lunch break as well as after Round 2, before the Awards Ceremony, we will hold the qualifyers and finals of a basket giveaway. ThisĀ CTP contest will cost $1/throw and throws made during the qualifiers will earn you throws in the finals. At the end of the day, the winner of the contest will go home with their own portable Innova Discatcher Sport, which retails for about $190!!


During at least one round of the tournament, one hole on the course will be a “CTP Per Group”. When your group throws that hole, the person whose disc is closest to the basket will win a prize. In some years, we have done up to three of these during a single round!


During the day, multiple holes on the course will have a CTP marker on the green to track where the best drive of the day was on the hole. If a player beats the previous lie, they write their name down on the piece of paper and move the marker to where their disc landed. At the end of the day, the players who threw the best drives on each CTP hole will get a prize!


Common at many tournaments, the ACT will be hosting an Ace Pot on the day of the event. Every player has the option to put two dollars ($2) into the Ace Pot in the hope that they might card an ace during the tournament… if you hit an ace, you win the Pot! In the event of multiple aces, the players who threw the aces will split the Ace Pot.