No matter how much we try to stress what divisions play what layouts, there are invariably people who either missed where we put the info (or just chose not to read it ;)). This year we neglected to stress it as heavily on the actual registration page, so we want to make sure that everyone knows what divisions will be playing what tees. We will also be sending out an email to all registrants in an effort to make sure that everyone is aware of the layouts and has ample time to send in their possible division-change requests without slamming our event staff the day of the tournament.

Round 1 will be the “standard 18” holes. No “alphabet loop”. MA3 and FW3 (the lowest men’s and women’s skill divisions) will play short tees on holes 1, 3, 6, 8, & 11.

Round 2 will be the “alternate 18” layout. This means alt pins on 2, 7, 8 (different tee), 9, and 18. MA3 and FW3 (the lowest men’s and women’s skill divisions) will play short tees on holes 1, 3, 6, 8, & 11, and will also play from a temporary short tee on hole 7 when playing to the long pin.

We will have trash bags covering over the “wrong” holes during each round, and will strive to have adequate signage on the tees and baskets so that all groups are reminded as much as possible where they should be playing from on every hole. Information regarding the round layouts will also be in the tournament program, which will be available to pick up at Tournament Central on the day of the event at check-in.

We understand some players don’t want to play the shorter tees for reasons of pride or posturing or whatever: please just know that this is done since the lowest skill levels need to play at a pace reasonably in line with the rest of the field. On most holes, the short tees simply remove a throw (or two) from the score you may normally get on that hole and keeps the flow of the day moving along. The rest of the division is also playing from the same tees, so you are at no advantage or disadvantage by playing from the short tees.

If you have signed up for MA3 and would NOT like to play from the short tees, you will need to request a division change to MA2. Fill out the contact form to submit your request.