It seems there is some confusion about the format this year – as I was sure there would probably be – so hopefully this post can help clear up some of people’s questions.

While we are calling each of the 2010 events “ACT VI”, these are actually two completely separate events. “Saturday Edition” & “Sunday Edition”, “ACT VI.1” and “ACT VI.2”, whatever people would like to call them. Again, I can’t stress this enough…

The Saturday and Sunday tournaments this year are two completely different events!

We have two separate days of competition, two separate lists of registered players, two checkins, two players’ meetings, two CTP throwoffs to win a portable basket, two awards ceremonies, the works. All divisions will be offered both days, since the point of running two events is to make it as accessible as possible to everyone and I did not want to mandate that particular skill levels had to play one day or the other.

We are not comparing the Saturday scores against the Sunday scores and declaring a “weekend champion”, or anything to that effect. Yes, this means that there will be two Advanced Division winners this year, two Women’s Amateur champions, etc. We are looking to have as many people play on the same weekend, and on neither day should players feel that their efforts playing against the peers in their division on that day are somehow “diluted” by having other competitors who played the day before/after on the same course.

When registration opens, players will have the option of signing up for ONE day of competition. If you are concerned about playing with people that you know you want to compete with/against, it is highly recommended that you coordinate one person in your group to be responsible for signing you all up at the same time once registration opens to give you the best odds of making it into the event on the same day.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to use the Contact Form to drop us a line. More info will be coming soon regarding registration as well as more details regarding the weekend of the tournament, so stay tuned!